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That 150 degree angle is called a quincunx, a strange minor aspect that, by itself, is off again, on again, favorable, unfavorable. The two planets making the quincunx seem to be out of joint. Imagine two waves going into and out of phase, first adding and then canceling each other out and you have the picture. Because of this, it is always difficult to say what the effect of a quincunx will be at any particular moment. The result is steadier in a Yod since the power is focused. The energy of the two planets making the sextile seems directed to the house and sign containing that third planet. The effect of a Yod is said to be ated or show some special destiny. Oh sure, it sounds really impressive when you tell a client ?ey, you have a special destiny!? However, that is nothing more than a arnum statement? and really says nothing. All that is really going on is an emphasis on one particular area of the life. Nonetheless, this focus frequently seems driven, compelling. 相比起只有一個梅花位,yod的結果是比較隱固的,因為能量集中。作為基底的兩顆星把宮位及星座的各種能量指向第三顆星。Yod的效力是有些命運色彩的。當然,這聽上去很令你的諮詢者認像深刻。但這其實並不能說明什麼。這其實只是說明你生命中的重點(所指向的星/宮/座)是被推向而且是強制性的。(多麼令人無奈…orz) By contrast, the T-Cross sets out a problem and pushes you to a find a solution in the mpty leg?of the cross. The Yod just pushes you and the solutions are seldom simple. It not nicknamed he Finger of God?for nothing. 與之對比的是,大十字建立困難並推動你去找出解決方法。但YOD只是推動你,而解決的辦法從來並不簡單。所以才被叫作上帝的手指。(那還不是什麼也沒說嘛…>_< ) Here are some examples: Ted Turner has Mars (action, energy) in his 10th house (career) making a sextile with Mercury (communications). The planet that completes the Yod is Uranus (originality, independence) in his 5th house (creativity). Uranus rules everything electrical, including television. Ted Turner(好像是時代華納的董事)的火星(動力,能量)入第十宮(事業)與水星(溝通)構成基底,而指向的星體是天王星(原創,獨立)入第五宮(創造力)。天王星統治所有電子相關的,包括電視。 People with Uranus strong in their horoscopes instinctively try to do things that others say are impossible and will never work. Turner was among the first to put a local station on satellite. He also started the Cable News Network (CNN) which was expected to flop. 一個天王星強的人本能地嘗試幹其他人認為不可能或是永遠不會做的工作。Turner好像是第一個於廣播站放上衛星。他亦成立了Cable News Network (CNN),一個曾被認為會倒下的媒體。 How about the great number of other people born on the same day as Ted Turner? Why aren they all rich and famous? First of all, that Yod doesn promise fame and fortune. It simply adds energy and originality to communications. In many areas of the world, these things are frowned upon and aspects like this will only get you into trouble. 那麼為什麼只有一個Ted Turner而其他宇宙的雙生子並沒有他那麼有錢和出名呢?第一,yod並沒有承諾到任何的名利。它只是加添了能量及原創能力於溝通上。於很多其他地方,這些只會令人不悅,而且一個這樣的相位組只會帶給你麻煩。 Secondly, we have no way of knowing what success the most of those others have had since they are not famous. Turner Yod gets an extra boost because Uranus sits on top of the Moon South Node. This adds extra comfort to what we are doing, do much in fact, that it may also seem like wee been doing that same thing all our lives. 第二,我們其實很難知道其他人有否成功或是做成了什麼樣的成功,因為其他有這種相位組的人並不出名。 Turner的yod有額外的推動力,由於天王合了南交點。這加強了我們潛意識的作用。 Henry David Thoreau had Mars (energy, action) making sextile aspects with Mercury (communications) and the Moon (emotions, feelings). The point of the Yod is formed by Jupiter, which rules more than uck.? Optimism, wisdom, philosophy, and publishing are other things in the domain of this largest planet in our solar system. Thoreau, of course, became famous for writing (Mercury) about his philosophy (Jupiter) of freedom and independence (Mars aspecting Jupiter in Sagittarius). Henry David Thoreau (好像是一個詩人)擁有火星(動力,能量)六合水(溝通)月(情緒,感受),指向點為木星,包括了好運,擴展,樂觀,智慧,哲學(第九宮相關),及出版。Thoreau理所當然的成為一個出名於哲學方面(木星)有關自由及獨立(火星150木星於射手)的作家(水星) Gary Hart became famous for blowing his 1988 run for the Democratic presidential nomination by telling the press ollow me all you want. Ie got nothing to hide.?They caught him in a tryst with a woman who was not his wife. Back then, in that unenlightened age, this was the kiss of death for his political ambitions. Since that time, of course, Bill Clinton showed us all how to use extramarital affairs to increase your popularity. Gary Hart was born with the Sun in Sagittarius, a sign famous for saying whatever is on its mind. There is a direct channel between the Sagittarian brain and mouth with no filter in between. His Sun is sextile Mars (energy, action). The Yod is formed by the planet Uranus (the unexpected). When someone with a strong Uranus gets in trouble, they are likely to deal with it by ejecting from the situation. Senator Hart found himself faced with reporters who only wanted to ask about his non-political affairs. He abruptly dropped out of the race. A short time later, he tried to get back in again, but it was too late. Ah, if only he had gone on ?0 Minutes?with his wife and told Mike Wallace that his private life was nobody business! Gary Hart (好像是美國的政治人物)出名於1988年民主派的總統提名(&%$##%後面的字太脫…不太明)但被抓包與一個不是他妻子的女人幽會。於那個無知的時代,這是一個他政治野心的死亡之吻。由此以後,Bill Clinton表現了如何利用婚外事件來提升個人的受歡迎程度。Gary Hart 盤上日射手,一個出名於說什麼也於腦海之中的星座。日六合火(能量,動力)。指向點為天王(不能預計)。所以這個射手的腦袋及嘴巴是沒有過慮的。當一個天王強的人有麻煩時,他們會以抽離這個角色的方式處理。Hart參議員覺得自己只是在面對一些只想問些非政治的事件時便會魯莽地放棄並脫出比賽。後來他想返回賽場時,已經太遲了。(&%%^&後面應該也是看不清楚的廢話…) Oh yes, his Sun, which is part of that Yod, happens to rule his 5th house (romance) and is making a quincunx aspect with Uranus (the unexpected). He should have gone into media, like Ted Turner, instead of politics. Then nobody would have paid much attention to his monkey business. Coincidentally, onkey Business?was the name of the yacht that he was on when someone took a picture of Ms. Rice sitting on his lap. 對了,他的太陽也是yod的一部分,統治了五宮(浪漫)150度了天王(不可以預計)。他應該當傳播而不是政治,就像Ted Turner一樣。這樣便沒有人會留意他的猴子戲(指那幽會的事情。monkey business是他的被拍到幽會情形的遊艇的名字)。 Temporary Yods by Transit and Progression推運中短期的yod Let say you don have a Yod in your horoscope. But if you have two planets making a sextile aspect (60 degrees) you still have a potential Yod. As the planets transit around the zodiac, they eventually reach the degree that is opposite the midpoint of that sextile and a temporary Yod is formed. 即使你本命盤上沒有yod,但如果你有一個六分相,那麼你還是有機會發動yod。因為當流年星體滑過六分相的中點,yod便成立了。 The Moon, for instance, will be at that point once every month for several hours. Take note of when it does this. For several hours on that day, it will most likely be a bad time to make major decisions. Too much emotion. The area of your life where this will tend to happen depends on the particular house that the Moon is transiting as well as the houses occupied by the two natal planets which make the sextile. And be certain to check the houses that those planets rule as well. 月亮會於每個月的某些小時走到同一點。所以那天的某幾個小時便會是對於作出重要決定的最壞時刻。太情緒化了。所發生於的生活領域會是月落入的宮中及基底的宮。所以同時間,三個宮主星也要看。 This is a good time to remind you of the cardinal rule for making an astrology forecast:占星預告的基本 Always Check Everything Before Making A Forecast! Progressed planets passing over that midpoint will have the same effect as transiting planets. However, they will hang around for a longer time. Yods in Chart Comparison於比較盤中的yod Now what if you meet someone who has a planet in their chart that sits opposite the midpoint of your two sextile planets? This makes a Yod whenever the two of you are together and can add a compulsive note to the relationship. 同樣的有些人的星體會於另一人的六分相中央而於盤上構成yod。所以這個yod會於你兩在一起時,於你們的關係上加強了強制的色調。 This was discussed in detail in he Yod Book?by Karen Hamaker-Zondag, a work that I highly recommend. She goes into detail about how this worked out in the Clinton-Lewinsky-Tripp-Starr affair and I am going to summarize her findings here. 這於the yod book (by Karen Hamaker-Zondag)中有提及。(o…我很想買的書…>_<) (之後的會接著譯…但個人覺得下面那個例子的說法已經太玄…有點over…看看當reference吧…個人建議only…) Monica Lewinsky has a sextile in her horoscope between Venus (love) in Leo (28 degrees and 27 minutes) and Saturn (ambition and obstacles) in Gemini (28 degrees and 57 minutes). Venus sits close to the fixed star Regulus, the Royal Star. An active Regulus in the horoscope is supposed to bring you into contact with royalty or, at least, very powerful people. It depends on the planet contacting Regulus on exactly how this contact is made and which part of the anatomy of the powerful person it will be made with. Linda Tripp was born with the Moon in Capricorn (28 degrees and 6 minutes) and Jupiter in Capricorn (28 degrees and 51 minutes). This filled in the Yod in Monica horoscope and also opposed Monica Mercury, which was at 25 degrees and 7 minutes of the sign Cancer. Remember that Monica was born with Mercury in the 10th house and that tends to bring what you say before the public. So here we have Linda Tripp who doesn like Clinton and thinks his behavior is immoral (both her Moon and Jupiter, her Sun-sign ruler in straight-laced Capricorn), she meets Monica, and their charts form that compulsive, fated pattern called a Yod. But the story, as we know, didn end here. The question still remains, why did this incident get that big and effect the entire country so strongly? Was it because it involved the president of the United States? So did the affairs he had with Paula Jones, Geniffer Flowers, and a former Miss America. What the difference here? It turns out that Linda Tripp horoscope wasn the only one that filled in the Yod in Monica chart. Let take a look at the horoscope of the United States of America. Yes, countries have horoscopes too. In fact, so does anything that has a beginning on planet Earth. The exact time when the Declaration of Independence was signed is in dispute. However, that doesn affect the sign position of the slower-moving outer planets. On the day the Founding Fathers put their John Hancocks on the declaration (including the original John Hancock), Pluto was in the sign of Capricorn, 27 degrees and 15 minutes. This gave Monica the potential to have a great impact on the whole country to the point of obsession (Pluto is the planet of obsessions). Let put Ken Starr into the picture. His chart has the Sun in the sign of Cancer at 28 degrees and 37 minutes. Saturn is also in Cancer just a tiny distance away at 28 degrees and 30 minutes. Saturn making a conjunction with the Sun can make a person upright to the point of being uptight. Notice how close all of these aspects are. Notice too, the tremendous effect that the combination of all these people had on the nation. All of them had strong contacts to compulsive Pluto in the United States horoscope. Neptune is the planet of dreams and illusions. On the negative side, it governs self-destructive behavior, elf-undoing.?Neptune is also the planet of scandal. Where was Neptune by transit when all of this was happening? I know that numbers turn off a lot of people, but please bear with me because detail is important here. Remember that Neptune moves slowly. It stays in the same area of the sky for over a year at a time. This makes its effects drag on and on. Neptune reached 25 degrees and 15 minutes of Capricorn on November 7, 1996 and kept going until it went retrograde on May 1, 1997 at 29 degrees and 57 minutes of that same sign. Then, it went back to 27 degrees and 10 minutes of Capricorn where it stationed again on October 8. That only a tiny fraction of a degree from the U.S. Pluto. Neptune remained in Capricorn until January 28, 1998, which was the month those secretly taped phone conversations were made public and the scandal exploded. On January 28, Neptune went into Aquarius and immediately made an opposition to Monica natal Sun in the 1st degree of Leo. Scandal and betrayal. It also opposed Bill Clinton Saturn. Neptune opposite Saturn can make you feel that everything you need for safety and security is dissolving out from under you. Neptune, planet of illusions and delusions, went back to Capricorn from August 22 to November 27, 1998. The Republicans had the illusion that a scandal about an extramarital affair would be all they needed to sweep to victory. In an off-year election, when the party out of power almost always gains seats in congress, they lost. It turned out that most people didn care any more. Clinton survived. Gingrich resigned. Most likely you won see anything this dramatic in your own horoscope or those of your friends and family, but check them out. See if there are any Yods. Be sure to see if you have any sextiles as well. Remember, anyone who has a planet Opposite the midpoint of your sextile will create a Yod in your chart. It works the same way if one of your planets is opposite the midpoint of one of their sextiles. And don forget to look for a lone quincunx in either horoscope. There are two possible places, in that case, where a planet in someone else chart could still form a Yod for you. And then it off to the races. A relationship to remember. Even if you want to forget. http://bbs.12sign.cn/read.php?tid-2058-fpage-8.html